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  • In early summer of 2023, I met with Dr. Kelly to discuss my knee issues. We had a serious and candid discussion of my situation. Not only did he take time to discuss my problem, but shared a review of the X-Rays.

    The decision to have a partial knee replacement left me quite anxious. The pre-op discussion allowed me to share, and feel prepared to move ahead with the surgery, scheduled for November.

    The interaction with staff on day of surgery was fantastic. I felt confident that they were well prepared to do the best possible treatment. I was not disappointed.

    The surgery went well. There were no complications. Dr. Kelly was skilled in the operation. I feel he and his staff treated me with care and concern.
    They were excellent.

    ~ Thomas (Tom) Riese ~

  • I had a lateral left knee replacement on October 10, 2023. Dr. Kelly has terrific bedside manner. However, what really counts are the results. His pain management program is excellent. At 6 weeks, the scar is barely noticeable. Swelling is rapidly diminishing. I no longer need a cane nor the narcotics. The physical therapists associated with Dr. Kelly's group are also fantastic.

    ~ Frances Bills ~

  • Unlike most patients I met Dr. Kelly in the hospital after I fell and sustained a spiral fracture of the femur.
    I'm so thankful he was on call that night.
    The break was further complicated because it was between a knee and hip replacement.
    Dr. Kelly had to attach a plate and screws to stabilize the broken bone.
    I was non weight bearing and mostly in a wheelchair for 3 months.
    Dr. Kelly was so kind and caring. He talked me through everything I needed to do to get the best outcome possible.
    He always shared the x-rays and showed me how the healing process was going.
    That really helped me stay on task.
    It was a long and sometimes frustrating healing process, but the outcome was worth it.
    Thanks to Dr. Kelly I was able to get back to doing everything I enjoy.

    ~ Linda D. ~

  • Dr. Davies is fantastic. He is thorough, patient, personable and listens well. He involved me in the decision making process and listened to my fears and concerns. His work is excellent. I've not had the pain i had feared. There is definitely pain but meds are prescribed to help. GREAT SURGEON!


  • I was referred to Dr. Kelly in the spring for a probable hip replacement. Dr. Kelly took the conservative approach and recommended physical therapy first to see if it helped. Unfortunately it did not and I went back to him in late summer and we discussed hip replacement surgery. I had the surgery done in September and every step of the way I was taken care of so thoroughly by Dr. Kelly and his staff. He is incredibly kind, thorough, caring and I consider myself very blessed to have met him and have him perform my surgery. I feel 100% better and when the time comes to have the other hip replaced I will go to Dr. Kelly. I highly recommend Dr. Kelly. You won’t be disappointed!

    ~ Patricia Nunez ~

  • Dr. Kilian repaired my rotator cuff less than 2 months ago, and my outcome has been outstanding. I never experienced the type of extreme pain and misery that many people warned me about when I said I was having rotator cuff surgery. Yes, there's discomfort, soreness, and limits with range of motion and weight bearing. But with diligent exercise, my shoulder feels and moves better every day. My recovery has exceeded my - and others' -expectations. I highly recommend Dr. Kilian and his outstanding team!

    ~ Amy ~

  • Recently, Dr. Mick Kelly was my surgeon for an unexpected complicated surgery. From the day of this diagnosis thru the many follow up appointments, he was everything I could ask for in a medical professional...caring, professional, fully informative and he inspired confidence that we'd get through this together.
    I am grateful he was my surgeon.

    ~ Barbara McGill ~

  • I put off a total knee as long as i could! Saw Dr.Kelly and very happy with the results. The first week was a challenge but 6weeks out no pain, no devices, doing PT and feeling fine. Happy, a real miracle.

    ~ mary heidt ~

  • I had previously seen another orthopedic surgeon at another facility to have my knee evaluated and spoke with a couple of his former patients. I was not at ease and decided to seek a second opinion. Based on a radio commercial and a conversation with an acquaintance of mine I decided to make an appointment at Orthopedics of Wisconsin - Pewaukee. When I made the appointment I was assigned to Dr. Mick Kelly - and could not be happier with that choice. My first meeting with Dr. Kelly was very informative, his mannerisms showed how much he truly cares about his patients and their success with the surgery & recovery. He answered all questions in terms I could easily understand. My surgery was scheduled for 7/6/23 and it would be done at Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital as an extra precaution due to the defibulator implant that I have. The hospital staff that works with Dr. Kelly were exceptional. The surgery went as planned, recovery time was minimal, evaluation after recovery to make s...

    ~ Ronald Michaelis ~

  • I tryed 4 different doctors before I settled with Dr Klement. I felt he had the best bedside manner and was very good with me and my anxiety. Also his staff was so kind and friendly. He did a full knee replacement and did a phenomenal job! I was so happy with the whole experience. I would recommend him and his staff HIGHLY..... An amazing Doctor!! Definintely knows his stuff. Hard to find a fantastic doctor with a good bedside manner and a great staff to boot!! Im thrilled. going to do my left knee now.

    ~ Kym George ~

  • Yesterday I spoke to Diane B. she helps people with scheduling appointments. I can't tell you how wonderful she was to me. She helped me make a bad situation better. She made me laugh when I was feeling down.
    She really cared about helping me find a doctor so I could be seen as soon as possible. Having her on your team is important. Thank you Diane B. for being so great!

    ~ cheryl butendorf ~

  • Dr. Mick is a talented caring person. He is honest and tells it like it is. I would recommend him to anyone that has a history of infections. Mick is a Dr. you can trust!

    ~ Jim Hunn ~

  • I received treatment for a finger injury from Michah Clutter, PA-C. She was thorough in her review and took time to explain my treatment plan. She also answered my questions and concerns in an informative manner. I would highly recommend her for a treatment consult.

    ~ Phyllis Petri ~

  • Dr Kelly is the best ortho. He talks to you like you are a human being listens to you answers your questions has the best bed side manner calls and checks on u I would highly recommend Dr Kelly

    ~ Ethel Hanson ~

  • Dr. Bong replaced my left hip in April 2023. It was amazing how quickly it was and the exceptional care. Dr. Bong did a terrific job. It's only been 4 months, I forget I had surgery, and how the healing process went. The daily texts to through the healing not only reassured me of my progress, the exercises were fantastic. Dr. Bong made this so easy for me and I would absolutely suggest to others to go to him. You'll be in good hands. Thank you Dr. Bong and the entire staff at OAW and ProHealth!

    ~ Patricia Simon ~

  • In the past 2 years Dr. Klement replaced my left hip joint and my right knee joint. He is an amazing surgeon, my life has turned around drastically from pain, injections, and limping to living the life I want to live pain free. As soon as I met the criteria for surgery, I signed up and didn't hesitate for fear of the surgery. I'm so happy I did because the recovery from surgery is less painful than what I was living with before the surgery, and I knew I was on the way to pain free mobility. Should I ever need another joint replacement I would absolutely see Dr. Klement again.

    ~ Mary W ~

  • A great big Thank You to Dr. Englund for the wonderful care I received. I had extreme pain in my knee when I arrived at the ASAP clinic. I was taken care of as soon as I arrived. Nothing was rushed. Dr. Englund is very caring and took the time to explain options for care. Procedure done and I felt relief as soon as I left. I was pain free 2 days later. I feel like I have my life back again. I highly recommend Dr Englund. He is a great Dr. and gives amazing care!! My entire experience with all the staff at Brookfield ASAP clinic was first rate!! Orthopedic Associates is a number 1 choice for care!!

    ~ Ruth G ~

  • Dr. Kelly performed a total knee replacement for my mother recently. While we were not looking forward to this, Dr. Kelly took the time to carefully answer all of our questions. The surgery was a success and extra measures were taken to ensure she had a successful recovery. We are so thankful for his ‘excellent work’ to give my mother better quality of life.

    ~ Shari S. ~

  • After months of pain from previous knee surgery, Dr Kelly was recommended. Dr Kelly was super from the beginning, he explained what he would do. I could not be more pleased with the outcome of the surgery. Am almost pain free and able to do more than I could before, thanks to Dr Kelly

    ~ Donald Parrish JR ~

  • 6 weeks ago, Dr. Kelly performed the first of my bilateral hip replacements, anterior approach. I had Osteoarthritis of both of my hips. Everything about the experience with Dr. Kelly, Orthopedic Associates, and Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital, has far exceeded my expectations. Dr. Kelly took his time with me to make sure I totally understood the process and work being done. I knew his level of training and experience was at the highest level and I felt very fortunate that he was able to help me.

    Dr. kelly has been texting me constantly with helpful tips to aid in my recovery including exercises, guidance on medications, goal setting, inspirational messages, and many other helpful recovery messages.

    Everyone who worked with Dr. Kelly has been very friendly and helpful. Their care has been wonderful.

    I am scheduled for Dr. Kelly to perform the second of my surgeries replacing my other hip in 4 weeks.

    I feel great now and I...

    ~ Ted McNamara ~

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