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  • Dr. Timothy Schultz replaced both my knees in June of 2012 (nine years ago). He was outstanding in every way. I was walking in public places at two weeks (with a walker yet). I have never had a problem in the years since. When I retired 8 years ago, I started walking 4 miles on most mornings. My knees have held up great! Now I'm wearing my hips out and need to come back to Orthopaedic Associates, but knees are are painless.

    ~ Karen Nelson ~

  • Dr. Viehe and his assistant Lisa provided an exceptional level of professionalism at my recent visit to this facility. I was so encouraged by their keen listening skills as I went into (probably too much) detail about my injury. I had endured nine months of disabling pain before finally hearing the words "we can help you." Their patience and positive feedback was amazing, and subsequently left me with a high level of confidence and optimism - people don't usually say they're happy to have surgery, but after this office visit, I'm looking forward to it!

    ~ Marsha Jacobs ~

  • We are super appreciative for Orthopedic Associates! Everyone from the walk in clinic in Brookfield to the referral to see a specialist in Pewaukee and everyone in-between have been phenomenal! Couldn’t be happier with everything! Thank you!

    ~ Amanda Dowdy ~

  • Changed My Life for the Better
    I have been treated for my back pain so a few years it got so bad I couldn't walk more then 10 mins. without severe pain shooting down my left side. After trying everything I sat down with Dr. Johnson and we both finally come to the conclusion to go ahead with a back fusion. It has been almost 4 months now after my surgery and I feel great I'm back to work after almost a year off and playing with my Kids again. I know I have a lot of healing to do yet and it is slow going at work but to Dr. Johnson and all the staff that have helped me over the years a huge THANKS I wouldn't be here without you. Every surgery is scary and the back is no different and there was pain and hurdles along the way but being able to get my life back even if it doesn't get back to 100% I'm ok with that. So to everyone at Orthopedic Associates and Dr. Johnson Thanks Again

    ~ Jon McClain ~

  • Dr. Mitchell Klement is a knee replacement "specialist's specialist." for those who have had multiple scopes, repairs, and reconstructions over the years but find themselves still struggling with pain from wear and tear or injury. Once I had given him a full view of the many unique challenges he was facing by helping me, I was a little concerned with his optimism. As of today (six weeks post-op.), I am incredibly pleased to say his confidence was grounded in competence in this challenging area of medicine. I am very pleased.

    ~ Craig Helgerson ~

  • Dr. Rick Papandrea has been my physician since 2004. He has replaced both of my shoulders, one with a traditional replacement and one using the reverse shoulder technique. He also did carpel tunnel surgery on my right hand. My surgeries went extremely well and I have had no issues since the operations. Dr. Papandrea is extremely knowledgeable, he keeps abreast of the latest innovations in his field, and he has a great deal of experience executing complex surgeries. He is also very caring, kind, and down-to-earth. He always takes the time to answer my questions, and he explains intricate and difficult procedures in a way that I can understand. I enjoy my visits with Dr. Papandrea because he treats me with respect and he is genuinely concerned about my well-being. Before my surgeries, when the nurses saw on my chart who the attending surgeon was, they all referred to Dr. Papandrea as “the best” and the “most meticulous.” I feel very fortunate to have him as my surgeon.


  • If it wasn't for Dr. Zoeller and Sara my life would be quite unbearable. I have severe back problems and surgery is not an option for me. So Dr. Zoeller and Sara have been so incredibly understanding and helpful in helping me finding a way to be comfortable and live my life, whether that means pain management or back injections. Basically anything they can do to make me more comfortable and as like my regular self as humanly possible.
    My life wouldn't be the same without them and I recommend them to anyone who needs someone in this area of expertise.
    I thank them from the bottom of my heart for all their help, understanding, and care! They are THE best!

    ~ Tabitha ~

  • Dr. Klement is the best. I had a total knee replacement in January and in one week I was back in my office. Him and his staff are so caring and explained everything that was going on. He is also going to be doing a hip replacement for me in a couple of months

    ~ Kibbye Fenwick ~

  • Dr Bong replaced my left hip approximately 6 years ago and it’s been great!!! No problems!

    ~ Juan G Hardin ~

  • Dr. Bong replaced both my hips, excellent surgeon and his whole team
    currently getting injections in both knees
    every 7 to 9 months
    if anyone is looking for a doctor for hip for knee replacement he is the one

    ~ bette Zarnke ~

  • In the last few years I've had 3 procedures done. Hip, hernia and elbow. I have never had a bad experience yet. Everyone has always treated me in the best and most professional manner. My primary is out of the system due to my confidence in him but whenever I need something done this is the only place I will ever come

    ~ RIck ANDERSON ~

  • My recent hip replacement (anterior) by Dr Davies was an excellent experience! He did my other hip 3 years ago and it was also excellent. Dr Davies is warm, friendly, very professional and comforting. And a great surgeon! My surgery was in the day surgery of the Oconomomoc hospital because I am over 70, but I was out by 5pm the same day after walking up and down a flight of stairs. They also arranged for physical therapy, through ProHealth Home Care, for the next 2+ weeks in my home to show me rehab exercises and they were terrific! I would very highly recommend the team at OAW, the ProHealth Home Care service and the hospital day surgery to anyone!

    ~ Marshall H ~

  • Dr Zoeller is a great doctor he is very caring and never forgets you. He has helped me for years I highly recommend him..

    ~ Coney McDonald ~

  • Dr. Coppage and his staff gave me the most positive medical experience I've had in 72 years. He took the time to actually listen to my complaint. His diagnosis was quick and explained very well. His treatment plan was for surgery which was scheduled within two weeks. The surgery went well, painless and super quick. His O.R. staff was outstanding. I was a bit nervous and one of the tech's. calmed me, held my hand and reassured me all would be fine. I think her name was Larrie Jo. My follow-up visit went well and the Dr. explained everything in a manner that was positive and reassuring. God bless him and his staff.

    ~ Leslie Vertz ~

  • Great medical service "outside the box" of a typical hospital. Very clean, personal and efficient. If you're getting a hip replacement, GO with the anterior approach like they do at OAW. Anyone who still does posterior replacements is by and large totally antiquated in this field. My surgery was outpatient and I was home eating lunch by 1pm the very same day. Great experience!

    ~ Bart F ~

  • I had my thumb and index finger knuckles on my right hand 'repaired & replaced' by Dr. Al-Shihabi. The day surgery center is a great setup for your patients. Everyone is professional, knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. I much prefer going there than the hospital.
    Dr. A-S seems very capable. I have been seeing him for 2.5 years getting cortisone shots leading up to the recent surgery. I am particularly impressed by his written explanation of what to expect: pain management, dressings, activities, therapy, and recovery time line. As soon as the surgery was scheduled I received his documents via email. It was a great help in scheduling the next three months of my life, what to expect, what I could do, and what to prepare for. At discharge this was all reviewed again with my wife. I appreciated the thoroughness and clarity that was on paper for me to be able to refer to as needed. Of all my various surgeries over the years these were the best instructions I have ever received.

    ~ Rob M ~

  • Great doctors!! Dr. Coppage did my surgery and he is excellent.

    ~ Lisa W ~

  • We've been to Orthopedic Associates in the past and always been pleased with the care. This time we have new insurance, and I wasn't getting the clear information I needed from the insurance company to understand our end costs. Luckily, OAW has an excellent billing team. Patty and Don provided outstanding customer service. I was called back promptly, they were detailed and simple in their explanations, and they understood my concerns about cost and coverage. Both of them offered to help in the future should I have more issues. This kind of help is priceless.

    ~ Christy P ~

  • Very pleased with Dr. Bong concerning the treatment of my right knee . He's prompt, great personality, happy, and great humor

    ~ Gaynell P ~

  • Everyone is very friendly great nurse and Dr. Klement is wonderful

    ~ Sue M ~

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