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  • Orthopedic Associates of WI has been a lifesaver for the chronic sciatica that I was living with for nearly 8 months.
    This past spring I had two epidural steroid injections at Orthopedic Associates of WI administered by Dr. Vo. They helped me to get 50% better and be able to work through a couple of big events I had coming up. The ESI's wore off after a couple of months and my sciatica persisted. In July of this year I had a follow up visit with Dr. Vo at that time he said a third ESI most likely wouldn't do much at this point in time, and asked if I wanted to speak with a surgeon. I appreciated his honesty, kindness and smiling demeaner. To my surprise I was able to see the surgeon that very same morning within 15 minutes of my visit with Dr. Vo.
    Dr. Paul Johnson was very kind and pleasant, and also understanding of the toll sciatica takes on your mental and physical well being. He said after looking at my MRI, the fact that conservative treatment had failed the bes...

    ~ Jenny San Filippo ~

  • My daughter got hurt while in a track meet on a Thursday and having a lot of pain by Friday. We went to the Ortho-ASAP Clinic that afternoon and were seen so quickly I couldn't finish the questionnaire in the waiting area. Xrays were done right away and Dr. Englund came in shortly after she completed the Xrays. He was fantastic. Personable. Knowledgeable. Reviewed the Xrays with us and gave clear instructions. We were in and out fast with an answer and a plan for her injury. As a physician myself I appreciate how professional the entire experience was and that we were able to see a physician who has specialized training the same day. Fantastic experience. I recommend OAW now to family, friends, and patients.

    ~ Shannon F ~

  • Dr Schultz did an excellent job on my right then 5 years later my left hip joint replacement. I am very thankful to him for relieving my hip pain.

    ~ Stephanie First ~

  • Dr. Johnson described my surgery as very large. The surgery consisted of repairing a grade 3 listhesis, affecting levels L-5-S1. It included anterior/posterior fusions. I am now 4 months out in my recovery. I have completed twice weekly PT and have recently decreased my PT visits. The progress I’ve made in the last 4 months has been remarkable. Although there is still progress to be made, I am not surprised by that because I was told it could be a 6 month recovery. I’m still in recovery but feel I’m on track. I am thankful to Dr. Johnson, his staff, and Waukesha Memorial and staff who supported me every step of the way. And thanks also go out to Dr. Davies for the very important part he played in the success of this surgery. And also to Justin Putterman who designed my PT plan as well as listened and worked tirelessly with me. I hope I didn’t forget anyone. Thank you to everyone…..I am most grateful!

    ~ Susan Gohlke ~

  • Dr. Al-Shihabi is an amazing doctor! I was skeptical that anything could be done with my wrists, but he has made me confident that I have the right doctor. He is attentive to my concerns and issues, and NEVER makes me feel rushed. I've had surgery done, and am much better than I expected to be. He tells me exactly what is going to happen - and he is spot on. I would DEFINITELY recommend him as a hand/wrist surgeon!

    ~ Bobbi A ~

  • Dr. Steiner performed a total shoulder replacement on my left shoulder which had been an issue to me for 10+ years. I had seen Chiropractors, other doctors and orthopaedic surgeons before meeting with Dr. Steiner. I was EXTREMELY pleased with the result. There was almost NO post operative pain due to the excellent job Dr. Steiner did. My rehab went better than expected and 1 year later I feel the best I have felt in a long, long time. Before the surgery, I could barely lift my left arm past 90 degrees. After surgery, I dare to say I have almost 99% complete range of motion!!! I am impressed with Dr. Steiner's associates as well as they did a great job of guiding me through the pre-operative process. No one at OA of WI let me down in the least.

    Thank you all so very much. I highly recommend you all!!!

    ~ Ralph Garcia ~

  • I fell in the snow and tore my left quad tendon and surrounding tissue. I was fortunate enough to see Doctor Kelly, who scheduled me for surgery right away. He was personable and understanding. The surgery was outpatient, and went very well. Recovery has been proceeding very well, and just as expected. In fact, on the day of surgery he had already called my wife to let her know things went well before I was even awake.
    Pain after surgery was well-controlled and things are healing just great. I would recommend Dr. Kelly to anyone. He is just the best.

    ~ Leo Mundt ~

  • Dr. Zhu and his assistant fixed me up with Cortisone shots in both knees, several times. Each time was completely painless and I could finally walk normally again. I was terrified to have a needle stuck into my knee joint, but they put me at ease completely. I have no cartilage in my knees anymore, and he got the shot in the exact right spot. (Gels shots were good also!)
    Since I have different ins. now, I've gone to a different doctor for this procedure but they never hit the mark like Dr. Zhu! Thank you so much!

    ~ Robin Falesch ~

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Holub’s for three years. Every six months I receive a series of knee injections for arthritis. I plan to have my knees replaced soon. Dr. Holub is a very gentle person. He is caring and he puts me at ease. These injections are not fun, but they go quickly and Dr. Holub and his assistant take care to cause as little pain as possible. Dr. Holub has replaced knees for both of my parents and he performed an emergency surgery to reconstruct my mom’s femur after an accident. He cares for my family and I have great trust in him.

    ~ Heather ~

  • I have been extremely happy with Dr Lilly and her assistant Amanda. Communication has been outstanding all through the process of my knee surgery. I would highly recommend the entire practice!

    ~ Theresa Thomas ~

  • Dr. Killian is amazing. He replaced both of my shoulders with perfect results. Both are as good as new. His staff is the best!! Bedside manner is terrific. I would Highly recommend him.

    ~ Lynn Rotolo JOHNSON ~

  • Dr. Bogunovic and her assistant, Amanda, were amazing throughout my entire surgery - pre-op, during, and post. They were always willing to answer questions & made me feel very confident going into surgery. Dr. B is the reason I am able to get back to work and sports! She went above & beyond during surgery, making it as minimally invasive as possible. She explains everything very thoroughly - doesn’t cut corners or rush anything. I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend Dr. Bogunovic for anyone needing a shoulder surgery.

    ~ Sarah Ayer ~

  • I have used Dr Schultz for several procedures. He is a great surgeon with great bedside manors. I have a knee a knee replacement in my future and will have Dr Schultz to do this replacement. He is great!

    ~ Bill Schutten ~

  • Dr. Coppage performed my trigger finger surgery a few years ago. He was very professional. I had 3 fingers affected. The surgery went very well and I have no issues years later. I highly recommend Dr. Coppage.

    ~ Susan Bodden ~

  • Well after 8 Back surgeries by another clinic in the Waukesha area I met with Doctor Johnson. First of all, his bedside manner is fantastic. The research and consulting he did with other Doctors about my back issues were fabulous. Doctor explained to my wife Pam & I what would take place and exactly what he was going to do to elevate my pain. He did the operation which including cleaning up what another Doctor had done again from Waukesha. So, Doctor Johnson did stem Cell on me. What a difference in my life able to walk, cut grass ride a bike even lost 55 LBS pounds. I have told many people about Doctor Johnson he is one of the Best. The Whole team at Ortho Associates are all good. Doctor Johnson is one of the BEST. God Bless

    ~ Daniel Bailey ~

  • I am a physician and have discovered that it is more "fun" being a doctor than a patient! However, Dr. Johnson has taken care of my back and neck issues for several years. He is a great listener and my care has been complex, involving multiple procedures, including non-surgical as well as surgical treatments. With each, he has patiently explained risks, benefits, expected outcomes and potential complications; his confidence in his skill is well justified. I awakened from my lumbar laminectomy and fusion - pain free, where before I had experienced almost disabling discomfort. I have recommended a friend to him, with similar result. I hold Dr. Johnson in high regard.

    ~ Mark Bruce ~

  • My neck surgery went better than expected. The surgery has helped different areas in my entire back not just my neck. Dr Johnson was informative both before and after my surgery and he has a wonderful bedside manor.

    ~ Ronald Bralick ~

  • 26 years ago I tore my ACL while participating in very intense recreational softball leagues traveling all over the USA but now was benched. I was 30 years old and this was a major part of my life. I went to an orthopedic and he told me time to hang it up. I was devastated and my husband said let's get a second opinion. So I went to Dr. Timothy Schultz and he told me that we were going to rehab for now and that he would have me playing by the next season. I rehabbed and after 5 months began playing with a DonJoy brace on my knee. I didn't miss a game or tournament. However the last national tournament we tattended I hit a hole in the outfield and popped my knee causing more damage. I went to Dr. Schultz and the next week he did surgery replacing my ACL with part of my hamstring and fixed the other injuries. In 6 months I was playing again with a brace but after two years didn't even have to wear my brace. I played for 21 more years and as women's softball started to decline, ...

    ~ Linda Gritzmacher ~

  • My son who was 15 at the time and who is a three sport athlete in High School had to have surgery on his elbow due to having OCD of the elbow. Dr. Rick Papandrea was one of two Dr.'s we were referred to for my son and we chose to see him. I cannot tell you enough how wonderful Dr. Papandrea was in helping my son's elbow get fixed and getting him back to playing his sports he loves. Dr. Papandrea truly cares about his patients and giving them the best care he can. Him and his team are absolutely wonderful. I would highly recommend OAW and Dr. Papandrea to anyone who is in need of any kind of arm/shoulder/elbow/hand treatment or surgery. He is a top notch Surgeon!!!! Thanks Dr. Papandrea for all you did for my son.

    ~ Amy L Wilde ~

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