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  • Dr Kelly is the best ortho. He talks to you like you are a human being listens to you answers your questions has the best bed side manner calls and checks on u I would highly recommend Dr Kelly

    ~ Ethel Hanson ~

  • Dr. Bong replaced my left hip in April 2023. It was amazing how quickly it was and the exceptional care. Dr. Bong did a terrific job. It's only been 4 months, I forget I had surgery, and how the healing process went. The daily texts to through the healing not only reassured me of my progress, the exercises were fantastic. Dr. Bong made this so easy for me and I would absolutely suggest to others to go to him. You'll be in good hands. Thank you Dr. Bong and the entire staff at OAW and ProHealth!

    ~ Patricia Simon ~

  • In the past 2 years Dr. Klement replaced my left hip joint and my right knee joint. He is an amazing surgeon, my life has turned around drastically from pain, injections, and limping to living the life I want to live pain free. As soon as I met the criteria for surgery, I signed up and didn't hesitate for fear of the surgery. I'm so happy I did because the recovery from surgery is less painful than what I was living with before the surgery, and I knew I was on the way to pain free mobility. Should I ever need another joint replacement I would absolutely see Dr. Klement again.

    ~ Mary W ~

  • A great big Thank You to Dr. Englund for the wonderful care I received. I had extreme pain in my knee when I arrived at the ASAP clinic. I was taken care of as soon as I arrived. Nothing was rushed. Dr. Englund is very caring and took the time to explain options for care. Procedure done and I felt relief as soon as I left. I was pain free 2 days later. I feel like I have my life back again. I highly recommend Dr Englund. He is a great Dr. and gives amazing care!! My entire experience with all the staff at Brookfield ASAP clinic was first rate!! Orthopedic Associates is a number 1 choice for care!!

    ~ Ruth G ~

  • Dr. Kelly performed a total knee replacement for my mother recently. While we were not looking forward to this, Dr. Kelly took the time to carefully answer all of our questions. The surgery was a success and extra measures were taken to ensure she had a successful recovery. We are so thankful for his ‘excellent work’ to give my mother better quality of life.

    ~ Shari S. ~

  • After months of pain from previous knee surgery, Dr Kelly was recommended. Dr Kelly was super from the beginning, he explained what he would do. I could not be more pleased with the outcome of the surgery. Am almost pain free and able to do more than I could before, thanks to Dr Kelly

    ~ Donald Parrish JR ~

  • 6 weeks ago, Dr. Kelly performed the first of my bilateral hip replacements, anterior approach. I had Osteoarthritis of both of my hips. Everything about the experience with Dr. Kelly, Orthopedic Associates, and Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital, has far exceeded my expectations. Dr. Kelly took his time with me to make sure I totally understood the process and work being done. I knew his level of training and experience was at the highest level and I felt very fortunate that he was able to help me.

    Dr. kelly has been texting me constantly with helpful tips to aid in my recovery including exercises, guidance on medications, goal setting, inspirational messages, and many other helpful recovery messages.

    Everyone who worked with Dr. Kelly has been very friendly and helpful. Their care has been wonderful.

    I am scheduled for Dr. Kelly to perform the second of my surgeries replacing my other hip in 4 weeks.

    I feel great now and I...

    ~ Ted McNamara ~

  • I first started seeing Dr Steiner when I was in eighth grade. I was having a lot of patellar instability, and surgery looked like the best option. Even though the idea of having surgery felt really daunting, Dr Steiner and his team guided me through it. Some years later, I was having reoccurring issues with patellar instability on both of my knees, so I had two more surgeries, both of which Dr Steiner performed. These surgeries weee quite invasive but he explained each step and made it as pain free as possible. I would've never imagined I'd have three knee surgeries, but I'm glad Dr Steiner did them and I would definitely recommend him. He was compassionate, caring and he always tried to use the least invasive option first. I can't thank him or his team enough for going above and beyond.

    ~ Elizabeth Arnold ~

  • Dr Bong did both my hip replacements. My first one got infected 4 days later. He was so concerned he came to the hospital from his home to try to resolve it asap. He was very caring and spends time talking to you, like he's not in a hurry. Then there's the different color shoes. When my knees need replacing, it's him that I want to do my surgery.

    ~ Margaret Salla ~

  • Dr.Davies is the best.
    Had total knee replacement in March and am pleased with the entire process. Whole process was well organized and efficient. Support staff all excellent. Kudos to OAW !

    ~ Bruce Matt ~

  • Two years ago Doctor Zhu did a total ankle replace on my right ankle. Im here to say the ankle never felt better!! Doctor was very carrying, always taking into conversation my recovery.
    Unfortunately I did a major rip of my left knee umpiring baseball. I know who I'm going to see. Doctor Zhu.

    ~ Gary Bach ~

  • I had a total hip replacement in March. I have had a full recovery. I would highly recommend Dr. Kelly. Very personable. The texts that go out during your recovery is the best information you can receive and helps to understand the recovery process.

    ~ Diane Schmitt ~

  • Dr. Steiner is caring, compassionate physician. His professionalism is first rate. His supporting cast is very experienced and caring. They are a first class team and made my first surgery very comfortable. I would want His experience in the future, if I need it.

    ~ Roger Birenbaum ~

  • This review is long overdue. Dr. Mercow.did my wrist surgery after I fell and he did such a great job that when my knees went bad I chose him to do both of my replacements. He was a true professional. I was glad to have him as my surgeon. I would highly recommend him. Thank you Dr. Mercow.

    ~ Joseph Ackeret ~

  • I had a total knee replacement on 1/26. The surgery was slightly more complicated than expected which caused more pain than expected, overall recovery went very well. Dr. Kelly's policy of letting the soft tissue heal before pushing for flexibility worked great for me. I exercised at home along with therapy and was quickly ahead of schedule as there was no soft tissue pain. I ended up getting my all clear and was up to 127 degrees of flexibility just shy of my sixth week mark. I am almost at the end of my seventh week now with daily improvement. I would classify my pain now as discomfort. I am very happy with Dr Kelly and all staff involved in this process. I highly recommend him and the staff he uses.

    ~ Mike Kowalski ~

  • I saw Dr. Kelly for hip pain 5 months ago. I had a total left hip replacement in January. When I got up for the first time after surgery, I could not believe all the pain in my hip was gone. I would highly recommend Dr. Kelly for anyone needing hip surgery. he is very caring and is always available to answer questions. The texts he sends out after surgery offer encouragement as well as information to help the patient along in recovery. Dr. Kelly is the best!!

    ~ Cindy Houk ~

  • I want to give a shout-out to Mac, my physical therapist. I bounced down 8 hardwood steps, hurt my back and broke two toes.

    Max took the time to listen to my concerns and develop a PT game plan that really worked. I feel so much better after 1 week of exercises. He showed me exactly what I needed to do. More than that, he is patient centric … he listens, he is friendly, engaging, and can carry a discussion. He made me feel like I was a friend and believe it or not, that’s hugely important to me and he gained my trust immediately. I only met him twice but both times he left a big impression. Whoever hired Mac made a great decision. Brookfield is lucky to have him.

    ~ Mike Wiltse ~

  • Simply amazing and a wonderful human being as well. Answers questions, gives great instructions and gets to know you so he can treat your injury or pain the correct way.

    ~ Brian Webb ~

  • Dr Bong did both of my hips along with my mother's and mother in laws I have recommended him to several of my friends along with my husband and younger son. I liked his bedside manor and the way he always makes you feel comfortable when discussing options.

    ~ Heidi Niederer ~

  • Well done dr.Kelly.
    It will soon be a year since my knee replacement surgery (right].
    My knee is in good shape,no pain.
    I walk about 6-10 miles a week,I ride a bike. I'm planing to go skiing next week, starting on easy trail.
    I very pleased with the results of the surgery.
    Thank You very much dr.Kelly. 😊

    ~ Jacek Starosta ~

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