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  • Good quality care. I've had both my knee and shoulder done there and have been extremely happy with both...

    ~ Matthew F ~

  • I had a TKR for both knees (2017 and 2018). Dr. Holub performed the surgery. He's fabulous; the surgery center is great and so are the physical therapists I worked with. Highly recommend this organization.

    ~ Michele H ~

  • Dr. Zoeller and Sarah Stoddard are the best! They're caring and make sure your pain is under control.

    ~ Deana F ~

  • I needed a surgeon that specialized in trauma and to communicate in a compassionate manner with honesty about the severity of my injury. I was thankful to have Dr. Bong take my case and do his best for my surgery. It is because of his expertise I am on my road to recovery.

    ~ Jean N ~

  • I was worried about the billing from my insurance and how it would work. I did the up front leg work and spoke with Audrea in billing. She was so wonderful to work with and answered all my questions. THEN, the most amazing thing happened, about three weeks later, Audrea followed up on my insurance claim to let me know exactly what the insurance would be picking up. I was so elated! I was completed thrilled by the service she extended. Thank you so much Audrea!

    ~ Charity B ~

  • Dr. Viehe is a fine surgeon. I have bunions in both feet. He performed surgery on the worst foot this year and he will do the other one next year. This foot was really a mess and it had spread so thin that I felt as if my arch was going to break if I walked on it for a few hours. I have 5 incisions, 2 pins and a plate and it is healing fantastically! No pain anymore and I can wear shoes again! When I look down at my foot, it is so nice and straight now and looks and feels great! I know quite often people say foot surgery can be a major undertaking and not heal properly and cause pain for the rest of your life. I must say that for the amount of work I had done, the process was effortless on my part (expect a lot of laying around for a couple/few months) and the healing and results have been amazing. My arch never hurts anymore now that my foot is more narrow and I feel like I have a whole new foot! Dr. Viehe is highly rated on other websites so do not believe 1 bad review. Oh, forgot to...

    ~ Nancy F ~

  • I am out of state and had to fix a broken ankle. My insurance company denied all saying I had to be airlifted from a rural area to get service. This is why I have credit cards. So I looked around the Google pages and found this place. I walked in at 805 am Monday June 24 was diagnosed ( in English: broken ankle, both bones) was told the fees and that they would try with my awful self pay insurance and I could have surgery on Tuesday around 1 pm. MD and staff and finance manager were all great. Surgery was great. I am healing up. I found someone in my state to manage the rest of this after having to return to WI for stitch removal and casting. I highly recommend the Urgent Care and the surgery center.

    After reading the pros and cons I still went. Dr. Zhu was fine. He was on call. This is a big practice and it looks like some physicians on call have better reviews than others. They were all better than being told too bad by my insurance company and most of the MDs in Las Vegas...

    ~ Barbara P ~

  • Dr. Viehe performed surgery on a torn labrum in my shoulder as well as fixing a bone spur. Before, during, and after he was fantastic.

    John and Marissa in the PT department were great, and almost a year later, I often forget I even had a major surgery on my shoulder...which so many have said is an awful one to recover from!

    ~ Nicole B ~

  • Excllent! OAW is committed to providing the highest quality specialized musculoskeletal care to patients. Dr. Papandrea & his team are wonderful and caring.

    ~ Allison G ~

  • The care I have received from Dr. Killian has been outstanding. He has great bedside manner and put me at ease the minute I met him. The staff is always polite and cheerful.

    ~ Cindy H ~

  • Dr. Papendrea is the best surgeon I have ever had. I fell on my right arm several years ago and tore the tendon in my elbow. Every doctor told me they could not help me. I would have to live with the pain. After surgery I went to PT at the clinic for three months. Happy to say I'm playing golf again.

    ~ Kristin R ~

  • Called and made an appointment for the following day. Went to walk-in clinic the same day to see if we could get in. Not only were we greeted immediately and personably, I didn't even have the chance to get a cup of coffee before we were called back to see the doctor. My daughter had x-rays, saw Dr. Englund, who was amazing and very detailed and we were out of the office within an hour. Great service, great staff. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone.

    ~ Natalie S ~

  • Friendly and patient staff. Dr. Papandrea is a great surgeon and his team took really great care of me before and especially after my rotator cuff and torn bicep tendon surgery. The physical therapy staff also took great care of me for a quick recovery. Highly recommend this place and Dr. Papandrea.

    ~ Bear M ~

  • Dr. Christopher Kilian & Staff- great service, great care, great staff. My big thank you for your great job.

    ~ Barbara D ~

  • Walked in at 7:45pm last night. Great - fast, efficient - and fixed! (Bad arthritic joint flareup.) Jon Englund MD is A+. Terrific staff. Couldn't be better.

    ~ Tim K ~

  • So many negative reviews, and I cant understand why! I'll keep mine short and sweet. I saw Ryan Hamm, PA-C on 12-27 for some knee pain. He did an exam, ordered an MRI, and it was discovered that I had a torn meniscus. He called me the day after the MRI, and explained the findings. I was referred to Dr. Samual Steiner, who again went over the findings, and explained what he could do to try to repair my knee. I felt very well informed throughout the entire process. Surgery was scheduled and performed, as far as I can tell, within the quoted coverage by my insurance company. I can't imagine receiving any better care than that which I received from Ryan Hamm, Dr. Steiner, my anesthesiologist, (whose name I cant recall) and the entire staff of orthopedic associates in Pewaukee. Although I hope to never have to see any of you again, as that means I'm hurting somewhere, if I ever do require further services, I will certainly return to your facility! My wife and I thank you for fixing me up...

    ~ Patrick G ~

  • I am always beyond impressed with the care I receive from Dr. Robert Zoeller. He is compassionate, uses terminology that I can understand and he explains everything completely. Dr. Zoeller makes everything very easy for you even in the most difficult situations. I highly recommed Dr. Robert Zoeller to anyone seeking Orthopedic care, he is the very best!

    ~ Robin ~

  • I went to Orthpaedic Associates as a walk-in a little after 5 o'clock. I was seen immediately by a clerical who took all my information. After ten minutes I was called back by a very pleasant nurse/assistant who already knew the attending Doctor, Dr. Englund, would want an X-ray. Dr. Englund came in shortly after my x-Ray and diagnosed my problem and his recommendation for a solution. I was very pleased that my appointment went like clockwork, but that I got excellent medical advice.

    ~ Francine P ~

  • From check-in to post-op for ankle surgery, I was entirely satisfied with competance, friendliness, treatment of staff

    ~ Tom P ~

  • I visited this facility last week and am most pleased. I had no wait whatsoever. Dr. Coppage saw me twice... before and after x-rays. His diagnosis and treatment (a cortisone injection, anti-inflammatories, and a thumb brace) were right on target as I no longer have any pain. He explained the reasons for the tendonitis both verbally and with drawings. Very impressed.

    ~ Cindy K ~

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