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  • I am always beyond impressed with the care I receive from Dr. Robert Zoeller. He is compassionate, uses terminology that I can understand and he explains everything completely. Dr. Zoeller makes everything very easy for you even in the most difficult situations. I highly recommed Dr. Robert Zoeller to anyone seeking Orthopedic care, he is the very best!

    ~ Robin ~

  • I went to Orthpaedic Associates as a walk-in a little after 5 o'clock. I was seen immediately by a clerical who took all my information. After ten minutes I was called back by a very pleasant nurse/assistant who already knew the attending Doctor, Dr. Englund, would want an X-ray. Dr. Englund came in shortly after my x-Ray and diagnosed my problem and his recommendation for a solution. I was very pleased that my appointment went like clockwork, but that I got excellent medical advice.

    ~ Francine P ~

  • From check-in to post-op for ankle surgery, I was entirely satisfied with competance, friendliness, treatment of staff

    ~ Tom P ~

  • I visited this facility last week and am most pleased. I had no wait whatsoever. Dr. Coppage saw me twice... before and after x-rays. His diagnosis and treatment (a cortisone injection, anti-inflammatories, and a thumb brace) were right on target as I no longer have any pain. He explained the reasons for the tendonitis both verbally and with drawings. Very impressed.

    ~ Cindy K ~

  • I had best service 3 years ago over waukesha did excellent job can't wait see him again amazing doctor Rick F. Papandrea he is amazin dr work with great i am so happy came back so is Papandrea

    ~ Lori V ~

  • I am now 1 year post cervical disc replacement surgery. The pain and numbness is still completely gone! I can't thank Dr. Tjarksen and the OAW staff enough.

    From my first consultation to my final post op, the experience was great. Dr. Tjarksen discussed all non-surgical and surgical options. He actually performed my surgery using newer technology and techniques than what the "academic centers" offer.

    Many of the patients going to OAW are experiencing some type of pain. Pain is a very lonely place. Dr. Tjarksen and OAW made it all go away.

    ~ Jessica K ~

  • The best care available!

    ~ Justin S ~

  • Very polite friendly and very helpful, Thank you

    ~ Brian Y ~

  • Very Efficient

    ~ Angela B ~

  • Good Service

    ~ Rakesh K ~

  • Dr. Steiner was my third opinion and the first surgeon to actually listen to my problems. He presented me with multiple options to fix my problems, and has seen me through multiple surgeries. I trust him and am thankful for all he has done for me!

    ~ Trisha Dahl ~

  • I had Dr. Davies do a knee surgery almost 10 years ago to repair a torn meniscus and I thought Dr. Davies was great!. This summer, I had scheduled an appt and Dr. Davies told me that a full knee replacement was imminent and that it was up to me to determine how long I could handle the pain. I ended up having my knee replaced on 12/7/20 at the surgery center. I went in at Noon and was home by 9am the following morning. I only took 3 pain pills when I got home and have been on Advil since 12/11/20. My PT is in shock at well I am recovering. My knee has more mobility now than before the surgery. Last week I was told my incision looks great. Dr. Davies and his PA Steve are TOP NOTCH. If you want someone that will take the time to answer your questions and make you feel comfortable, you need to see Dr. Davies & Steve. It's been 1 month and 4 days since my surgery and I am looking at having my other knee done in the next year or 2. I continue my PT and follow-up with Dr. Davies &...

    ~ Angie Christianson ~

  • Could not have been any better.
    If you need a procedure(s) these are the people you want see!

    ~ Reobert Benfield ~

  • I came to Dr. Davies after not feeling confident with another specialist. Dr. Davies was very open in conversations and allowed me to guide my choices. I've completed a hip replacement with Dr. Davies and will continue working with Dr. Davies to find the right time to address my knees.

    ~ Chris W ~

  • I came to Dr. Davies after not feeling confident with another specialist. Dr. Davies was very open in conversations and allowed me to guide my choices. I've completed a hip replacement with Dr. Davies and will continue working with Dr. Davies to find the right time to address my knees.

    ~ Chris W ~

  • Like Midas, Dr. Davies is golden. Like UPS, he completely delivers. Winsome, kind, and keen, he has a very practical approach to solving your problems. And believe me, I've got problems. He's helped save me from further knee pain and doesn't want me to have surgery until it's the final option. He's an excellent listener and goes above and beyond if you have trouble with insurance. This doctor is fantastic. 6 stars.

    ~ Mark E ~

  • Dr. Davies performed a hip replacement on me in June 2019. The process leading up to the surgery, the actual surgery and the post surgery follow up was exceptional. The damage to the hip shown in the x-rays was clearly explained. There was no pressure applied to move forward with the surgery, it was positioned as a quality of life choice that only I could make. The staff is very polite and helpful. Post surgery visits were brief but not rushed. There was time for any questions I had along with clear direction as to what I could and could not do at each stage of the recovery process. Now, about 10 weeks after surgery I'm amazed at how good my hip feels. Full freedom of movement and no pain whatsoever. Prior to surgery I couldn't walk decently, couldn't even mow the lawn because of the pain. I even believed all the pain and discomfort I was experiencing was due to more than just a bad hip. I was wrong, I feel great and have been reenergized.

    ~ Verified Patient ~

  • The new knee is ten years old this spring and has been wonderful. Dr Merkow did a wonderful job!

    ~ Lamar C ~

  • My experiences as a patient have been excellent. My initial visit a couple years ago was for a torn hamstring. He discouraged me from surgery due to several reasonable factors, such as my age and activities, and instead recommended physical therapy to regain most of the capabilities. The advice was conservative and the outcome accurate and highly satisfactory. When I returned for an unrelated hip replacement this year the results were excellent now a month later. His consultation, recommendations and coaching are very careful, considerate and spot on. Since my other hip was replaced seven years ago when in another state, this was an even better experience. The ortho center services are indicative of best practices in every categor. Thank you Dr. Merkow. Brian Cullen of Nashotah, Wisconsin.

    ~ Verified Patient ~

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