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  • Dr Zoeller is a great doctor he is very caring and never forgets you. He has helped me for years I highly recommend him..

    ~ Coney McDonald ~

  • Dr. Coppage and his staff gave me the most positive medical experience I've had in 72 years. He took the time to actually listen to my complaint. His diagnosis was quick and explained very well. His treatment plan was for surgery which was scheduled within two weeks. The surgery went well, painless and super quick. His O.R. staff was outstanding. I was a bit nervous and one of the tech's. calmed me, held my hand and reassured me all would be fine. I think her name was Larrie Jo. My follow-up visit went well and the Dr. explained everything in a manner that was positive and reassuring. God bless him and his staff.

    ~ Leslie Vertz ~

  • Great medical service "outside the box" of a typical hospital. Very clean, personal and efficient. If you're getting a hip replacement, GO with the anterior approach like they do at OAW. Anyone who still does posterior replacements is by and large totally antiquated in this field. My surgery was outpatient and I was home eating lunch by 1pm the very same day. Great experience!

    ~ Bart F ~

  • I had my thumb and index finger knuckles on my right hand 'repaired & replaced' by Dr. Al-Shihabi. The day surgery center is a great setup for your patients. Everyone is professional, knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. I much prefer going there than the hospital.
    Dr. A-S seems very capable. I have been seeing him for 2.5 years getting cortisone shots leading up to the recent surgery. I am particularly impressed by his written explanation of what to expect: pain management, dressings, activities, therapy, and recovery time line. As soon as the surgery was scheduled I received his documents via email. It was a great help in scheduling the next three months of my life, what to expect, what I could do, and what to prepare for. At discharge this was all reviewed again with my wife. I appreciated the thoroughness and clarity that was on paper for me to be able to refer to as needed. Of all my various surgeries over the years these were the best instructions I have ever received.

    ~ Rob M ~

  • Great doctors!! Dr. Coppage did my surgery and he is excellent.

    ~ Lisa W ~

  • We've been to Orthopedic Associates in the past and always been pleased with the care. This time we have new insurance, and I wasn't getting the clear information I needed from the insurance company to understand our end costs. Luckily, OAW has an excellent billing team. Patty and Don provided outstanding customer service. I was called back promptly, they were detailed and simple in their explanations, and they understood my concerns about cost and coverage. Both of them offered to help in the future should I have more issues. This kind of help is priceless.

    ~ Christy P ~

  • Very pleased with Dr. Bong concerning the treatment of my right knee . He's prompt, great personality, happy, and great humor

    ~ Gaynell P ~

  • Everyone is very friendly great nurse and Dr. Klement is wonderful

    ~ Sue M ~

  • Outstanding care and professionalism!

    ~ Gerald L ~

  • Dr. Scott Schneider is the best, he replaced both of my knees and after only a few months, they are healing very well. Scott is an excellent surgeon, I recommend him highly.

    ~ Norm Y ~

  • I was a patient and got nothing but the best of care my whole treatment program. I was a patient and got nothing but the best of care my whole treatment program I had issues with my broken arm and a o'clock and they help me with changing clothing which they didn't have to do. They help to read but I might sling this is a. Which they did are the kindness of their hearts. The doctor was extremely thorough and took other x-rays to make sure that he was give me the best care. They were gentle to my pain needs. 0 so gentle to my beliefs and medication. They're available for information Calls and help with doctor on call. They went out of their way to make me as comfortable as possible during the duration of a broken humerus bone upper along with a blood clot. You couldn't ask for a molar professional team working together for a common goal to make me well. I recommend them highly...

    ~ Kat C ~

  • Dr. Viehe is an amazing Dr. and surgeon. I had a terrible break in my foot that required 2 surgeries. He was amazingly thorough and has incredible bed side manner. I felt confident throughout the process. Highly recommend.

    ~ Nicole D ~

  • Great doctors and employees

    ~ Jeff O ~

  • Good quality care. I've had both my knee and shoulder done there and have been extremely happy with both...

    ~ Matthew F ~

  • I had a TKR for both knees (2017 and 2018). Dr. Holub performed the surgery. He's fabulous; the surgery center is great and so are the physical therapists I worked with. Highly recommend this organization.

    ~ Michele H ~

  • Dr. Zoeller and Sarah Stoddard are the best! They're caring and make sure your pain is under control.

    ~ Deana F ~

  • I needed a surgeon that specialized in trauma and to communicate in a compassionate manner with honesty about the severity of my injury. I was thankful to have Dr. Bong take my case and do his best for my surgery. It is because of his expertise I am on my road to recovery.

    ~ Jean N ~

  • I was worried about the billing from my insurance and how it would work. I did the up front leg work and spoke with Audrea in billing. She was so wonderful to work with and answered all my questions. THEN, the most amazing thing happened, about three weeks later, Audrea followed up on my insurance claim to let me know exactly what the insurance would be picking up. I was so elated! I was completed thrilled by the service she extended. Thank you so much Audrea!

    ~ Charity B ~

  • Dr. Viehe is a fine surgeon. I have bunions in both feet. He performed surgery on the worst foot this year and he will do the other one next year. This foot was really a mess and it had spread so thin that I felt as if my arch was going to break if I walked on it for a few hours. I have 5 incisions, 2 pins and a plate and it is healing fantastically! No pain anymore and I can wear shoes again! When I look down at my foot, it is so nice and straight now and looks and feels great! I know quite often people say foot surgery can be a major undertaking and not heal properly and cause pain for the rest of your life. I must say that for the amount of work I had done, the process was effortless on my part (expect a lot of laying around for a couple/few months) and the healing and results have been amazing. My arch never hurts anymore now that my foot is more narrow and I feel like I have a whole new foot! Dr. Viehe is highly rated on other websites so do not believe 1 bad review. Oh, forgot to...

    ~ Nancy F ~

  • I am out of state and had to fix a broken ankle. My insurance company denied all saying I had to be airlifted from a rural area to get service. This is why I have credit cards. So I looked around the Google pages and found this place. I walked in at 805 am Monday June 24 was diagnosed ( in English: broken ankle, both bones) was told the fees and that they would try with my awful self pay insurance and I could have surgery on Tuesday around 1 pm. MD and staff and finance manager were all great. Surgery was great. I am healing up. I found someone in my state to manage the rest of this after having to return to WI for stitch removal and casting. I highly recommend the Urgent Care and the surgery center.

    After reading the pros and cons I still went. Dr. Zhu was fine. He was on call. This is a big practice and it looks like some physicians on call have better reviews than others. They were all better than being told too bad by my insurance company and most of the MDs in Las Vegas...

    ~ Barbara P ~

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