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  • AC Joint Sprains

    AC Joint Sprains

    As football season forges onward, shoulder injuries of all kinds persist. Whether it be from blocking, tackling, or being tackled, the shoulder is often put in positions of compromise during a football game. One fairly common shoulder injury is a sprain of the acromioclavicular (AC) joint.

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  • Adhesive Capsulitis

    Adhesive Capsulitis

    We are all accustomed to a certain degree of soreness and stiffness here and there, especially as we age. Sometimes soreness and stiffness is just that and resolves with rest, stretching, ice, and maybe some over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications.

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  • Joint Fusions

    Joint Fusions

    Throughout the course of these blogs, we have discussed varying joint replacement (or arthroplasty) procedures at length. However, replacement is not the only option when the joint is arthritic or otherwise deteriorated.

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  • Patella Dislocation

    Patella Dislocation

    We often hear patients with knee cap (AKA patella) instability state that their ‘knee popped out.’ Though it is true that a bony structure is pathologically moving and likely causing a popping sensation, it is not the knee itself.

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  • Charcot Foot

    Charcot Foot

    Of all the chronic conditions that affect the foot and ankle, Charcot foot may be considered one of the more severe. If not caught early, limited options for treatment exist.

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  • They Mystery of the Brachial Plexus

    They Mystery of the Brachial Plexus

    Bones can fracture, muscles can strain, ligaments can sprain, and joints can become arthritic, but what about nerves? Nerves are subject to injury as well. One region of the body that is subject to nerve injury is the brachial plexus.

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  • Total Ankle Replacement

    Total Ankle Replacement

    In the great realm of joint replacements, the total ankle arthroplasty is one of the lesser known procedures. Despite not being widely known, ankle replacements have actually been around for years and years.

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  • Kiddo Fractures

    Kiddo Fractures

    Fractures are more common than most people would guess. People of all ages can and do sustain fractures that we see every day in our clinics.

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  • We're Coming to Brookfield!

    We're Coming to Brookfield!

    Orthopaedic Associates of Wisconsin is opening a new location at Brookfield Square on June 1st! We are absolutely thrilled to be expanding our practice to reach our Milwaukee-area patients and accommodate all of their orthopaedic needs.

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  • Tommy John Surgery

    Tommy John Surgery

    The long-awaited baseball season is here once again! After a year of limited baseball due to the COVID pandemic, players and fans alike seem to be particularly excited to see action on the diamond once again.

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