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Welcome Dr. Bogunovic
Welcome Dr. Bogunovic

As Orthopaedic Associates of Wisconsin marches into 2021 with eager anticipation, we are excited to welcome a new member to our team. Come February 1st, Dr. Ljiljana Bogunovic will be seeing patients at our Golf Road clinic in Pewaukee. She comes to us from the St. Louis area where she has been an Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Washington University School of Medicine, but her roots are in Mukwonago where she was born and raised.We are exuberant that she has come back home to Wisconsin.

Dr. Bogunovic graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology from Cornell University before moving on to medical school at Weill Cornell Medical College where she graduated with honors in research. She completed her residency at Washington University where she was Administrative Chief Resident for a year. Her fellowship was completed at Rush University where she was a team physician for a multitude of athletic teams to include the Chicago WhiteSox, Bulls, and Steel Hockey, DePaul’s women’s soccer team, Lindenwood University, and Troy High School’s football team. In addition to her clinical experience, Dr. Bogunovic has also been avid in the research realm with countless articles reviewed.

In a world of specialized medicine, Dr. Bogunovic takes interest in sports-related injuries to the shoulder, hip, and knee. Specifically, she specializes in hip arthroscopy for impingement and labral pathologies as well as ligamentous injuries and cartilage restoration of the knee.Additionally, and to no surprise, she also specializes in women’s sports medicine! In a world where women’s sports continue to grow rapidly in popularity, this specialization is becoming more and more pertinent.

Above and beyond her professional achievements (but of arguably even greater significance), Dr. Bogunovic is a mom to four young children. She also enjoys skiing and Cross Fit in whatever spare time she finds.

We are honored to have Dr. Bogunovic as part of our exceptional staff here at OAW. We have no doubt that she will be an integral part of our ever present mission to provide elite,all-encompassing, and specialized orthopaedic care where there really is a difference. If you find yourself reading this blog because you are on the search for an extraordinary orthopaedic surgeon, call our Scheduling Department to arrange a consultation with Dr. Bogunovic.