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Same Day Surgery
Same Day Surgery

Can you imagine a world where you injure yourself, present to a clinic, get x-rays, see a surgeon and have a surgical procedure by the time the sun goes down? Probably not, especially considering the on-going battles with insurance companies and obtaining coverage. Complications aside, sometimes we can work some magic to get you expedited and specialized care that gets you back on your feet faster.

At Orthopaedic Associates of Wisconsin, we strive to provide the most superior and efficient orthopaedic care in Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Our building in Pewaukee houses our main clinic and x-ray rooms, MRI department, Durable Medical Equipment area, physical therapy wing, and The Orthopaedic Surgery Center. The combination of our Ortho-ASAP service and close proximity to our very own operating rooms allows your urgent orthopaedic care to move efficiently all in one convenient location. I can’t say that every surgical pathology that walks through our doors has surgery before the sun goes down, but we do our best to accommodate whatever we can in as timely a manner as possible.

Scenario: Your son decides this is delightful sledding weather and heads over to the neighborhood hill. The conditions are so good, he is unable to stop his sled before smashing into a poorly-placed tree. He runs home holding his obviously deformed wrist in his other arm. You remember this blog and rush him over to OAW on Golf Road just north of I-94 in Pewaukee. He gets checked in, taken to an exam room, x-rayed, and is seeing an orthopaedic specialist in less time than it would have taken if you had gone to the ER. The recommended treatment is a closed reduction of the fracture (no incision or hardware necessary), which requires a general anaesthetic and casting of the re-aligned fracture. It can be overwhelming to hear the news that your child requires a sterile procedural room for treatment, but never fear. We are here to make it as stress-free as possible.

Several logistics have to go correctly for us to make it happen, but it is not uncommon that we can do it. One of the biggest setbacks we face is in the realm of food. Because anaesthetic is required, no eating or drinking is allowed for approximately eight hours prior to the procedure. Otherwise, while you are checking in with our nurses at The Orthopaedic Surgery Center, our back office is getting the procedure approved through your insurance. Our surgery staff will get you settled in and familiarized with the process. Your surgeon and one of our anaesthesiologists will meet you in the OR, and your son will be awake, alert, and beautifully casted again before you know it-one stop shopping for orthopaedic care from start to finish.

We know you can choose from any orthopaedic office for your musculoskeletal needs, so we are striving to provide elite care that goes above and beyond your greatest expectations. The next time disaster strikes on the sledding hill, we hope you allow the kind folks at Orthopaedic Associates of Wisconsin to handle your care in the best way we know how.