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    Comments: Dr. Viehe is a fine surgeon. I have bunions in both feet. He performed surgery on the worst foot this year and he will do the other one next year. This foot was really a mess and it had spread so thin that I felt as if my arch was going to break if I walked on it for a few hours. I have 5 incisions, 2 pins and a plate and it is healing fantastically! No pain anymore and I can wear shoes again! When I look down at my foot, it is so nice and straight now and looks and feels great! I know quite often people say foot surgery can be a major undertaking and not heal properly and cause pain for the rest of your life. I must say that for the amount of work I had done, the process was effortless on my part (expect a lot of laying around for a couple/few months) and the healing and results have been amazing. My arch never hurts anymore now that my foot is more narrow and I feel like I have a whole new foot! Dr. Viehe is highly rated on other websites so do not believe 1 bad review. Oh, forgot to mention that not only is he a great surgeon with a wonderful, caring and compassionate bedside manner, he also comes across as a great human being! If you are positive and want to get better, he will make it happen. It should be noted that he does not believe in prescribing narcotics for excessive periods. With the opioid epidemic, that is a very good thing.