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    Comments: I am out of state and had to fix a broken ankle. My insurance company denied all saying I had to be airlifted from a rural area to get service. This is why I have credit cards. So I looked around the Google pages and found this place. I walked in at 805 am Monday June 24 was diagnosed ( in English: broken ankle, both bones) was told the fees and that they would try with my awful self pay insurance and I could have surgery on Tuesday around 1 pm. MD and staff and finance manager were all great. Surgery was great. I am healing up. I found someone in my state to manage the rest of this after having to return to WI for stitch removal and casting. I highly recommend the Urgent Care and the surgery center.

    After reading the pros and cons I still went. Dr. Zhu was fine. He was on call. This is a big practice and it looks like some physicians on call have better reviews than others. They were all better than being told too bad by my insurance company and most of the MDs in Las Vegas NV ( my home) when I called to get help quickly. I was willing to go home early but no one was interested or available. Why fly out early when no one cares!? So I stayed in WI and in spite of the cost I have my ankle on the mend all due to OAW.